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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

How to Make Homemade Gymnastics Equipment: Parallel Bars, Pommel Pod, and Pommel Horse

Gymnastics is a fantastic sport with a high price tag. Many people cannot participate in formal gymnastics due to the time and distance required to travel to a gymnasium, or the cost of purchasing equipment for home practiceFortunately, some gymnastics equipment can be easily made from common construction equipment, allowing self-taught students to practice some simple, basic moves. A new YouTube video, How to Make Homemade Gymnastics Equipment: Parallel Bars, Pommel Pod, and Pommel Horse, shows viewers how to make gymnastics equipment out of saw horses, fence rails, parachute rope, and a few other common items. The video provides basic guidelines for construction, plus pictures (such as those shown below) and reminders to practice reasonable safety precautions.

Update: A new YouTube video by the same author demonstrates basic gymnastics exercises on these pieces of homemade equipment.

CAUTION! Gymnastics is dangerous. Homemade equipment must be made appropriately, or else additional risk of injury or death may result.

Sample Photos

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