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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Graphing Breathing Technique with a Spirometer

Breathing is essential for life, and proper breathing technique is essential for success in gymnastics. The following graph, excerpted from The Science of Gymnastics: Volume 2 from Schottenbauer Publishing, illustrates one of the most common breathing problems in gymnastics:

Discussion Questions
  1. Describe the set of maximum values. 
  2. Describe the set of minimum values.
  3. What is the average maximum value?
  4. What is the average minimum value?
  5. Describe the set of times for the breathing cycle, beginning with inhale and ending with exhale.
  6. What is the average length of the cycle in time?
  7. What is the average length of time the breath is held?
  8. Describe the breathing cycle in words, using a few sentences.

Additional graphs of breathing techniques, plus other biophysics variables, are available in the same volume, The Science of Gymnastics: Volume 2 from Schottenbauer Publishing. Similar biophysics data is also available in Volume 2 of several other lab manual series, including The Science of Athletic Training, The Science of Exercise EquipmentThe Science of Yoga, Pilates, & Ballet, and more.

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