Schottenbauer Publishing

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Science of Gymnastics: Volume 4

A new volume of The Science of Gymnastics: Data & Graphs for Science Lab has arrived! Volume 4 features 24 brightly colored graphs depicting a variety of moves on pommel horse, parallel bars, and rings, plus handstands. Many of the moves are available for viewing in a series of free videos on the publisher's YouTube site under the playlist Gymnastics.

The graph below is excerpted from the Volume 4:

Discussion Questions
  1. Describe the minimum and the maximum value for each variable.
  2. How high do the feet travel? Are the feet ever higher than the hips? Than the head?
  3. During this sequence of moves, are the legs straight? Is the body straight? 
  4. Describe the initial and final positions of the legs.
  5. Can the height of the parallel bars be determined from this graph? If so, what is it?
  6. If this graph shows the swings slowed by 2x, what is the timing of the actual swings?

Additional Information